WRITING UPDATE #1: After Nanowrimo

Hello! As most of you know, I participated in Nanowrimo for the first time last month and hit 50,000 words on November 25th. My story continued on briefly after that, but while I had projected it would be in the 55,000-60,000 word range for the first draft, it actually ended up being less than 52,000. … Continue reading WRITING UPDATE #1: After Nanowrimo

THE CEMETERY BOYS by Heather Brewer

"When Stephen's dad says they're moving, Stephen knows it's pointless to argue. They're broke from paying Mom's hospital bills, and now the only option left is to live with Stephen's grandmother in Spencer, a backward small town that's like something out of The Twilight Zone. Population: 814. Stephen's summer starts looking up when he meets … Continue reading THE CEMETERY BOYS by Heather Brewer

Nanowrimo: Reaching 50,000 Words

Five Nanowrimo blog posts, twelve years of dreaming about writing my own novel, twenty-five long days of reaching my daily word count, and 50,000 words that nobody would ever want to read later, I am officially a Nanowrimo winner. Just one month ago, I decided on whim to write a blog post about my feelings … Continue reading Nanowrimo: Reaching 50,000 Words

Nanowrimo: Week Three Update

It's the twenty-first day of Nanowrimo, and I'm ashamed to say that it took me until week three to discover coffee. Coffee is mentioned on pretty much every single page of my WIP so far, but I have never really been much of a coffee drinker, so I had been avoiding this key Nanowrimo staple … Continue reading Nanowrimo: Week Three Update

Nanowrimo: Planning vs Pantsing

Happy Halloween! Tomorrow is the first day of Nanowrimo, and I'm already questioning my decision to participate. It's going to be a lot of work, but hopefully I can push myself through it until the end! With less than 24 hours until the challenge begins, I want to address one of the big questions when … Continue reading Nanowrimo: Planning vs Pantsing

NaNoWriMo: Is it Worth the Stress?

Today is October 23rd: just over a week away from the first day of November. When most people think of November, images of falling leaves, pumpkin spice lattes (which are disgusting, by the way), and the occasional Christmas tree are probably what comes to mind. But for the writers out there, November is infamous as … Continue reading NaNoWriMo: Is it Worth the Stress?

20 Things to Include in Your Writer’s Notebook

Whether you're a writer or just a creative person, a "writer's" notebook can be an amazing way to let out some of your creativity and have inspiration to look back on in the future. Personally, I don't use just one notebook for all of these things; I tend to spread them out more between several … Continue reading 20 Things to Include in Your Writer’s Notebook

5 Unique Places to Find Writing Inspiration

There's nothing more frustrating than sitting down in front of your laptop or notebook, ready to write, and having nothing to say. It's a feeling most people can relate to, and that can (most of the time) be easily fixed. One of the best ways I have found to cure the issue of writer's block … Continue reading 5 Unique Places to Find Writing Inspiration